Things that occasionally happen that you can fix yourself:

The outlets in the kitchen (bathroom) don’t work all of a sudden. The breakers in the electrical box all look fine, no red spots showing. Even if I reset the breakers, the outlets still don’t work. What’s wrong?

Sounds like your GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) circuit has popped. This can happen if you overload a circuit with too many appliances going at once. Look for the outlet that has a rectangular shape, with two little buttons in between the upper and lower outlet. Push in the reset button. You should be good to go… using fewer appliances this time! Hairdryers are the biggest offenders.
Our power was out for a while and now it’s back on, but we still don’t have water.

Most of our well pumps have low pressure cutoff switches. This is protect the (expensive!) pumps from burning out in case of water shortage in the well. However, if the power is off for awhile and you run the water pressure down below 10 # in the pressure tank, the safety switch goes off, too. There is a reset lever on a small grey box on the side of the blue pressure tank in the utility room. Lift that lever halfway up until you hear the pressure pump kick in, hold that lever until you feel the pressure on your fingers lessen slightly (at 10 pounds pressure in the tank, there is a pressure dial to read there, too) then release it. You should have water again, now.

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