Pets just need to go… too.

Please pick up after your pet. It’s only thoughtful to spare someone a barefoot encounter with that which gets left behind and it’s more sanitary as well. You don’t have to plastic bag it and trash it, this seems silly to us… why take something that decays naturally and turn it into landfill? Please toss it off lawn into the rough where no one will get into it. Also, feces left behind on the areas where I have to mow with the weed whacker is particularly distasteful. The weed whacker distributes it in every direction and I get plastered. YUK! Ditto to feces left in the flower beds, where this unwary weeding lady can grab a handful. So, please, pick up after your pet! Thank you. Some dogs’ urine is so powerful it kills grass, leaving dead brown patches everywhere it goes. After awhile it looks like someone poured Agent Orange all over the front yard! Please, if your dog is one of these unfortunates, make sure he does his job on the gravel areas. There are things you can feed your dog to neutralize the urine. I would encourage you to quiz your vet (if you are not yourself one!) pretty closely about these products before buying them; are they safe for your dog?

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