The following are intended to outline expectations of the tenant so as to minimize conflicts and to maintain a high standard of comfort for all tenants. By signing these expectations, tenant agrees to the following:

1. Keep the premises clean, sanitary and in good order, including outside living areas and common areas in the building. Common areas are not intended for storage of personal items, garbage or recycling materials. These items must be stored either within your apartment or in animal-proof containers behind or next to the building on your side, unless arrangements are made in advance with the landlord.

2. Tenant agrees not to hamper, disturb or otherwise interfere with other tenants in the building, nor create or suffer any nuisances on the property affecting the rights of others, and agrees to comply with all laws and local ordinances. This includes not allowing one’s guests or pets to bother other tenants. Parties or loud disagreements that interfere with the quiet enjoyment of the premises of other tenants in this building are strictly prohibited, and will result in the police being called.

3. The apartment is for use solely as a private residence for the tenant and his or her immediate family. No others may dwell there except by express written consent of the landlord. Personal businesses such as daycare are not allowed. The premises may not be used for unlawful or immoral purposes.

4. Upon termination of this lease, tenant agrees to surrender possession in as good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted. A cleaning checklist is available from the landlord, for tenant reference.

5. Tenant agrees not to make any alterations, additions, improvements or changes in the premises, interior or exterior, or decorating the equipment or fixtures provided by the landlord without the written consent of the landlord, nor to install any major appliance in the residence without the landlord’s consent. Satellite dishes may NOT be installed anywhere on the building or where they may hamper mowing, and all wiring must be overseen by the landlord

6. Please keep all decks, steps and sidewalks shoveled free of snow at all times for your own safety. Landlord will plow driveways and mow lawns as needed.

7. The premises are provided with major appliances, i.e. refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, water heater and furnace. Tenant agrees to use and maintain all equipment and plumbing fixtures in good working order in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications, and will be liable for cost to repair or replace such items if damaged due to negligence or misuse by the tenant. If repairs are needed for any reason, please notify the landlord immediately so that it can be repaired by landlord or by licensed persons approved by landlord.

8. Landlord’s insurance is carried on the building only. If tenant wishes to have insurance on his property, tenant must arrange for renter’s insurance at tenant’s cost.

9. Please park your cars with consideration for others. No parking or driving on lawns at any time. If you move your car promptly when the snowplow is there, we can plow your parking space, otherwise you will have to attend to that yourself. We do not make special trips for this purpose.

10. The lawns are for your enjoyment. Please gather all personal items off the lawn when they are done being used, as these may inadvertently be damaged or require extra time to move while doing routine mowing. Absolutely NO in ground (dug) fire pits, please.

11. If you have a dog, please do not allow it to defecate on the lawn. If it does, clean up after it. Nuisance barking or harassing of others by dogs will not be tolerated, and can result in termination of the lease. Do not leave its toys, chew bones, etc, lying where someone might step on them or mow over them. Neutered pets only, please.

12. Someone must be present at all time when cooking or barbequing or using an above ground fire pit appliance (to be used OFF lawn ONLY… as it kills the grass) while in and around the premises. Use good judgment!

13. There will be a charge of $5.00 per day for unlicensed vehicles parked over five days. Town of Dryden regulations prohibit unlicensed vehicles. Tenants can be fined $200.00 by the Town for violations.

14. Drapes, curtains, or blinds must be installed at the windows. No blankets, sheets, or other items are permissible.

15. All garbage containers and recycle bins must be returned to their proper places within twenty-four hours of trash/recycle collection. Garbage and recycling must be set out weekly, as longer periods encourage vermin. Recycling is bi-weekly.

16. Waterbeds only by express written agreement with the landlord, please.

17. The smoke and CO detectors in your apartment are there for your protection. Please keep strong batteries in them. Do NOT override their safety features. They might save your life!

18. Maintain an active telephone service in your apartment, whether by regular or cell service. This is for your protection, as well as to make communication between tenant and landlord easier.

19. Please, no smoking in the building or near the entrances. Cigarette smoke is obnoxious to non-smokers, and causes wear and tear on the apartment beyond what is considered “normal.”
Signed: tenant _____________________________ date______________
tenant_____________________________ date______________
landlord ___________________________ date______________