Cleaning Checklist

Perhaps there are some people who really love the process of cleaning… I for one am not one of those! Cleaning is one of those things I do because it is necessary and important and I like the results, no matter how fleeting they may be (and they can be particularly fleeting with a toddler like our McKenzie in the house!) Included below is our checklist of things I look for when doing a move out inspection. This is to insure the apartment is returned to the level of tip top cleanliness that it was when you moved in. Making sure these are attended to will maximize your deposit refund. Please believe me when I say, I want to return as much of your deposit as possible! Things you do not do will be attended to by a cleaning company, and they are very honest about how much time it takes to get things ship shape, and not at all likely to give their time away for free. We have simply gotten to the point where we cannot do it all ourselves any longer. If you wish, you may hire a cleaner yourselves… I fully understand how hard it is to move and make sure everything is attended to! Please check with me, as I will have people whose work I know and can recommend. You do not want someone to say they’ve done the work, but haven’t, or did a substandard job.

You may download a checklist here:


* Wash all surfaces, including the vanity inside and out. A cleaner such as Lime Away or similar on the tub/shower and sinks works well to remove hard water, soap and rust deposits. Even though the tub-shower may appear visually clean, running your hand over the surface will quickly let you know if there is a buildup of soap and hard water deposits. (It feels rough) Comet works very nicely on tough spots! An old toothbrush works exceptionally well to clean the tub jets in the whirlpool tubs, and around drains and fixtures.
* Wash the light covers and brush out or vacuum the exhaust fan openings

* Wash all surfaces, including the inside and outside of cabinets, backsplash, countertop, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove top, range hood/filter and floor. Use a degreaser like 409 or PineSol on areas that have a greasy buildup. Comet and a scrubby sponge work beautifully to return the sink to its original shine.
* Use an oven cleaner in the oven, (unless it is a self clean, in that case follow manufacturer directions for cleaning) White vinegar in your final rinse takes off all remaining cleaning residue nicely.
* Lift stove top and clean the deck under the burners, or if you are fortunate enough to have a sealed burner unit, just lift the burner covers and wipe under those.
* Pull out the refrigerator and clean under and behind that. Vacuum any exposed coils. Please leave fridge doors ajar and pull out the power plug.
* If you have a pantry, please wash those wire shelves top and bottom, thanks so much!

Throughout the apartment-
* Wash windows inside and out (folks at 207 and 409, please skip the outside on the second story unless you have an extension pole. Everyone else has tilt-in windows.)
* Vacuum and wash the window frames and sills inside and out where the dirt and bugs like to accumulate
* Dust the screens. (A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment works well, or a hand broom works great too)
(NOTE: these last two points are often missed, I find)
* Vacuum carpeted floors. A professional cleaner will come to steam clean carpets after you move.
* Sweep and wash all hard floors,
*Wash dirty spots on trim, doors, ceilings and walls, this includes any soot and dark spots left by burning candles, incense, cooking and so on.
* Vacuum baseboards and trim around floors and windows, a lot of dirt and hair accumulates in these areas
* Dust and wash the ceiling fan blades
* Remove light covers, clean, and replace. Do NOT wash light cover glass that is even remotely hot, it WILL crack. I know this from sad experience!
* Replace all dead light bulbs.
* Wipe down the electrical outlets, light switch plates and doorknobs.
* Sweep down cobwebs, including around the outside of entry doors
* Make sure you have removed anything you may have stashed in the utility room and sweep up. Check the yard for forgotten things too
* Bag and tag your garbage and make arrangements to set out your trash and remaining recycle materials if pick-up is more than a couple days away (pesky critters love garbage)
* Please take ALL your things, or make arrangements with someone to take it off your hands. Also ask us, we may know someone who needs it!

Thanks so much!!! Ann and Charlie