Pet deposits are now $250, staying in line with professional cleaning costs. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Application and Leases

Water and Septic is included, as all our places have well water and have on site septic systems. Tenants pay for their own utilities and services (gas/electric/phone/TV/internet/garbage disposal.) We find this is a more equitable arrangement for everyone involved. Please see our Useful Information Utilities page link for all the details whom to contact for services.

Charlie plows all our driveways, we ask that our tenants please shovel their walks and steps, as we have a lot of people who need to get out early, so stopping to shovel would delay our getting around to all the driveways in a timely fashion We mow the lawns and weed the gardens, as well. Of course if you love to weed, we encourage you to go right ahead and do so!

After you decide you want to take one of our places, (usually after visiting with Ann via email and seeing the apartment in person or through your designated agent) we ask that you fill out a tenant references form, and email it to us. I ALWAYS call references, even though I can usually tell immediately if someone will be a good fit for Ithaca Artisan, as it seems only fair to me that everyone has to meet the same requirements. Once I have called your references, I will let you know if we are “good to go.” This process usually takes a day, maybe two if someone on your call list is hard to reach.

The security deposit (equal to one month’s rent) and if you have a pet, the pet deposit of $150. Your first month’s rent is due when you move in. We don’t do the “first/last/security” thing that many other companies do; first of all, we don’t know how anyone can afford that sort of up front layout of cash, and also because we have terrific tenants who simply don‘t need that sort of draconian measure because they have proved themselves trustworthy.

Rarely, and then usually only to fill out a year for a tenant who must leave for job change or family reasons. We try very hard to keep all our turnovers in the May through August time frame.

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