407 Main Street, Freeville “The Encore”

Fully rented for 2021-2022

In the winter of 2010-11, Charlie came to me and said  “We need to do one more apartment project.”  My reaction was along the lines of “over my dead body” but the man employed logic backed by column after column of mathematical support, and so here I am, writing about our FINAL apartment building. I am calling this one “The Encore” for reasons that anyone with a modicum of musical background can explain: after the encore, the instruments get packed and the musicians go home. Charlie has PROMISED that this one is our absolute final addition to Ithaca Artisan’s apartment roster

The Encore is our tenth building, which we finished up in May 2012.  The Encore-407 Main Street Ext Freeville

On the left is an exterior shot of the new building

We used the tried and true floor plan of all our places in Ellis Hollow and nestled it between our first two buildings in Freeville. We had come full circle, in a manner of speaking, ending where we started out, but with a building that showcases all that we have learned in our years at this business.

Ellis Hollow apartment floorplan downstairsThe Encore’s floor plan is identical to Ellis Hollow apartments, and although it does not have the elaborate “from Tompkins County tree to finished product” history that The Magnum Opus has, it nevertheless showcases Charlie’s impressive capabilities as a builder and incorporates Tompkins County lumber in its interior trim and porch details. Furthermore, it has bamboo flooring in place of carpeting in the office and both bedrooms.

Bamboo is a sustainable “green building” material,a grass Encore officerather than wood, with all the advantages of wood flooring and none of the chemicals or allergen trapping properties of carpeting.

Encore bedroom

Although our original plans were for Charlie to build the kitchen cabinets ala Magnum Opus, we were in a race to finish up before the arrival of a new member of our family, our son Ben and his wife Zoe’s firstborn, due May 5th 2012.

Encore kitchen

We decided to go the route of buying vs. building these from scratch, just so we had the luxury of spending time with them unfettered by the chaotic final rush that always accompanies finishing a building project in advance of the first tenants moving in. However, we splurged on the appliances: all stainless steel. The living room has a lovely gas fireplace, and the full bath a whirlpool tub.

Encore living room

Ceramic tile in living room and kitchen look fabulous, is easy to clean, and holds up to doggie toenails, too.

The stairs are built of oak harvested from our home property.Encore living room from kitchen

The upstairs half bath is just a few steps from the bedrooms. Ellis Hollow apartments upstairs floorplan

The center utility room has a coin operated washer and dryer for added convenience.

This place has a lovely big yard, and there is plenty of room, good soil and light for those who wish to do a bit of gardening.

A few well-mannered neutered cats and dogs welcome with references (no bully breeds or anything with a bite history of any breed, please. This is an insurance requirement.) Additional non-refundable pet deposit of $250.

Encore half bath

Encore stairs