Availability for 2019 – 2020

If there is no notation as to “openings available/all filled” next to a place, that means we have not heard back yet from all our tenants in these buildings. Be sure to check back frequently.

Regarding pets: A few well-mannered neutered cats and dogs are welcome with references (no “bully breeds or anything with a bite history of any breed, please. This is an insurance requirement) Additional non-refundable pet deposit of $250.

We strive to keep our rates reasonable. However, our rates need to reflect our costs, and our costs are rising more all the time. To counterbalance those, we will be raising our rates this year. Even with the increase, we are still quite a bit less than most comparable units available locally. 2019-2020 rents (not including utilities) are as follows:

207 Irish Settlement Fully rented for 2019-2020

405 Main Street Fully rented for 2019-2020

407 Main Street One apartment is available July 1st Rent is $1395/month plus utilities

409 Main Street One apartment available about July 27 Rent is $1100/month plus utilities

1639 Ellis Hollow One apartment available on or about August 1st Rent $1295/month plus utilities

1643 Ellis Hollow Fully rented for 2019-2020

1682 Ellis Hollow fully rented for 2019-2020

1692  Ellis Hollow Fully rented for 2019-2020

1710 Ellis Hollow Fully rented for 2019-2020

1718 Ellis Hollow Fully rented for  2019-2020