January 22, 2019

We are currently in a deep freeze! At least the wind and snow has let up for a bit. 18 inches of dry fluffy snow on our hill will make for stellar skiing and snowshoeing conditions for awhile, for anyone willing to brave the single digit temperatures. It is supposed to warm up later today and into the 40’s tomorrow (I can hear the skiers groaning already) but warmer temperatures really do ease concerns about possible frozen water pipes for us!

Many thanks to all our terrific tenants who have been super supportive and understanding about Charlie’s back issues preventing him from plowing yesterday. The high winds have made lots of drifts up here, while scouring other areas bare, so we expect Charlie will be needing to clear some for you all as well. He is on his way around today, so all should have no difficulties getting out and about in a timely fashion.

Already hearing from tenants who are going to be moving onĀ  this year. Once we have a firm grasp of available places and dates we will list those. Charlie and I need to hash out rental pricing as well, and will get that up soon, too.

Stay warm! Ann Leonard