1692 Ellis Hollow “The Magnum Opus”

The Magnum Opus is fully rented for 2018-2019

We call 1692 Ellis Hollow Road our “Magnum Opus” for a number of reasons. It showcases the combined talents of Charlie and two of our sons, Shawn and Ben, who pitched in for much of the time this place was in production. (And what a production it was too! for details and pictures, please visit our History page… coming soon)

We used the same tried and true floor plan that we utilized with all our other Ellis Hollow duplexes, but made some significant changes when putting the finishing touches on this place.

Ellis Hollow apartment floorplan downstairs


Virtually all the framing for this place is done with lumber sawn by us, harvested here in Tompkins County, all of it salvaged from ice storm damage from a storm in the winter of 2005-2006.

Ellis Hollow apartments upstairs floorplanNote the huge beams that make up the ceiling/floor structure, and the trim around windows and doors, as well as the doors themselves.

1692 Ellis Hollow Magnum Opus kitchenThe cabinets are constructed of maple lumber cut from an ice-felled tree on our home property on Hammond Hill. All appliances are Energy Star rated

living room stairs 1692 Magnu OpusThe wood for the stair system is black locust lumber cut from trees that we cleared off the house site in Ellis Hollow. They are a work of art and guaranteed not to squeak.

1692 Ellis Hollow Magnum Opus living room

We added a second story back deck to take advantage of the terrific views of the Ellis Hollow valley, a wonderful place to relax with your morning coffee or tea, enjoying the diversity of wildlife that thrives in the protected wildlife wetlands in the valley below.

After talking to a tenant of ours who has terrible allergies, we decided against using any carpeting. We used waterborne polyurethanes as much as possible, and “no VOC” paints. The office floor is cork, a sustainable building material; the remainder of the first floor is ceramic tile, and the second floor is spruce. This place isn’t done to strict “green” standards, but it comes close. And how many places get built with virtually all local lumber?

1692 Ellis Hollow ExteriorExterior shot taken right after we finished the lawn seeding… an updated picture is obviously needed!

Magnum Opus door and cabinet detaildoor and cabinet details

A few well-mannered neutered cats and dogs welcome with references (no pit bulls or similar, please) Additional non-refundable pet deposit of $250.