Apartments for Rent near Ithaca, NY

Apartments for Rent near Ithaca, NY

Looking for a pet-friendly apartment to rent near Ithaca NY, Cornell University or Ithaca College? If your standards are high and you enjoy working with responsible people who take pride in their properties and the quality of their work, be sure to check out what Ithaca Artisan has available. We think you will like what you see! And for those veterinarians and vet students out there, virtually all our places are 10 minutes or less from the Cornell Vet School.

VIP NEWS! After 33 years in the rental business, Charlie and Ann will be retiring from management and maintenance duties, turning the reins over to Kayla and Jim Lane of Dryden Apartment Company starting January 1, 2023. If you are interested in anything Ithaca Artisan has to offer, please contact them. We will continue to remain active caring for the lawns and gardens of our places for awhile longer.

spring!Rates and Openings for 2022

We are now fully rented for 2022-2023 Please check back frequently for unexpected openings, or contact Kayla Lane to be put on the wait list. The past few years we have mostly filled our vacancies from people who have gotten on our Wait List, so if you are at all interested in what Ithaca Artisan has to offer, please contact Dryden Apartment Company and tell them you are interested in an Ithaca Artisan apartment.

NOTE: We do NOT show a place until we have tenants inform us they are moving.

Why chose Ithaca Artisan over the wide variety of apartments available in Ithaca? Here are a few points to consider:

  • We live here, too (No waiting for an absentee landlord)
  • We’ve built all our places from the ground up (We built top quality and we are justifiably proud of our places… and there is No Lead Paint anywhere)
  • We’re not so big, but we’re not too small, either (You’re not a number, but you’re not dealing with amateurs, either)
  • We’ve been in the rental business for over 30 years (Lots of experience)
  • Our rates run right about the overall average for Tompkins County, but our apartment quality is top notch (You get your money’s worth)
  • Almost all our service work is done “in house” (Much less waiting!)
  • We’re pet friendly (Hurray!)
  • We have real kitchens (Emeril, eat your heart out)
  • We’re 100% smoke-free, inside and out
  • Our properties give you room to breathe (You’re not stacked like battery chickens nor squished together like feedlot beef.)
  • We’re family built, family owned, family operated (No corporate structure!)
  • Last but not least, check out our Testimonials page